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Writing Samples

For occasional wit and wisdom, check out Carlos' blog here: 

Feature article on Stone Church Neighborhood Dinner for The Examiner (Jan. 2020)

Feature article on Stephanie Merriott for Women of Distinction newspaper magazine

Stephanie Merriott

Boxer Profile for Liveco Boxing (June 2017)

Cindy McClain_small.jpg
Lifetime Achievement - Cindy McClain

The Examiner -- March 2020

    Cindy McClain looked out from her seat inside Ophelia’s toward the Independence Square


    “It’s fuller,” McClain said of the appearance of the town center compared with 1998. “Things look tidier. There are cars rather than empty streets. There are more windows full and fewer abandoned buildings.”

    That “fuller” appearance has been willed by Cindy and her husband, Ken, who have spent the past 21 years helping revitalize Independence’s historic center. While two decades of entrepreneurship might not qualify as a life’s work, this year’s Women of Distinction’s Lifetime Achievement award is also a tribute to Cindy’s dedication to her church and her civic engagement since she and Ken settled in Independence 40 years ago.

Cloud Computing illust_small.jpg

Blogpost -- June 2018

     Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize many facets of the banking and financial services industries. Auditing, however, will be one of the prime areas blockchain could be utilized to speed up transaction processing, verify transactions, and even spot anomalies. Yet, blockchain technology is still a new and uncharted territory for many in the accounting world.



Photographer Vignette - Mika Fowler

Blog submission, 2014


  In seeking out another collision of digital and analog worlds, I wandered into the shop of Mika Fowler in the Railroad Square Art Park. There he stamps out printed material on an antique Dodson letterpress and churns out his “photo polymer prints” using a combination of digital and offset printing techniques.


   I was drawn to Mika's work because of his daily feed of Facebook posts revealing his portraits of nude and semi-nude women—pushing the limits of Facebook's twitchy censorship finger. The images appear distressed and roiling at the edges; with sharp focus trained on the models' eyes. 


Photographer Vignette - Polly Chandler

Blog submission, 2012


  “When you’re using film you can’t necessarily see what you’ve made immediately,” Polly Chandler reminds me. The diminutive Austin photographic artist is in the middle of planning for a trip to Southern Illinois University, her alma mater. She’ll be offering a pair of photography classes as a visiting artist later that week. But right now she is clearing out her inbox, taking care of notes and emails before she’s away from her computer. Polly does not own a laptop. It’s just one more digital device she can live without. But planning to be away from her workspace for weeks lends an urgency to her emails. She lets me know time is short and she has to get on a plane soon I can feel her stress through the computer screen.


Castle Dome Hiking

The Yuma Sun, Nov. 2003


  Rising out of the Kofa Wildlife Refuge, Castle Dome’s  pencil-eraser nub is a 

familiar sight to Yumans as a landmark toward the northeast. 

  But should you decide to scale its rugged slope and hike through its ocotillo field and 

talus slope you get a whole new perspective on one of the area’s better kept secrets. 

  “The view (from the top of Castle Dome) rivals the view of the Grand Canyon,” says 

Cristyn Weil, whose Jan. 1 hike this year resulted in her second trip to the top and a 

wedding ceremony on the way up.


San Felipe 250

The Yuma Sun, Feb. 2004


   The desert is an unforgiving, inhospital place that can torque a man enough to leave 

him a quivering mass of dry flesh and crusty bones. Toss in some million-dollar 

machinery and you have the makings of a fine weekend. 

   The last week of February brings thousands of gearheads to the Sonoran desert in Baja 

California to embrace the Tecate San Felipe 250--an oxymoron.

Martinez Lake 

The Yuma Sun, April 2003


   Orange dust still hangs thick in the air. Pickups pulling sparkling fiberglass speedboats or

trailers of personal water craft are headed south and east. Theyʼre likely headed home to

Yuma. But around Fisherʼs Landing and Martinez Lake Resort, small camp fires begin to

light up the lengthening shadows and the smell of lighter fluid wafts from portable grills.

   Another day has ended at Martinez Lake. Another night is just beginning.

Worm-Resistant Corn 

The Yuma Sun, January 2004


     Table corn is a rare crop in this land of lettuce, but one AWC student’s experiment this past fall turned up bushels of sweet ears that not only tasted good but were mostly worm-free.

   “I haven’t heard any complaints about it,” AWC junior Tyler Otto said only slightly joking. “Everybody liked it. If they didn’t, they sure didn’t tell me.”

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